Rent Credit Card Terminals Short Term

With Mobile ePay, it’s no problem! Our company allows you to rent wireless credit card machines, for as little as one day or for as long as one month, with no long term commitments. Your credit card machine will be delivered directly to your front door pre-programmed and ready to go! Mobile Epay Solutions is committed to making sure your credit card processing experience is easy and reliable. Our company offers detailed information on how to use your credit card machine and a variety of resources to assist you throughout your rental process.

If you need to accept credit cards for a short term event or seasonal business, our credit card machines will offer a professional image and increase customer’s confidence at the point of sale. Using Mobile Epay credit card machines will create an easy experience for your customer and offer your company a simple way to track purchases. After a purchase you can include a printed receipt with your business name and contact information to create returning customers.

Buying a credit card machine and maintaining a merchant account can be expensive, and with new equipment coming out every year, who can afford it? Especially when other priorities in your business demand your attention. A wireless credit card machine rental is a good way to manage cash flow upfront.

How to rent a credit card terminal?

It easier than you think! Check out our walk through: How to rent a credit card terminal

How long in advance should I reserve a wireless unit?

While we like to have at LEAST 2 weeks notice, we are able to rent equipment in as little at 5 business days (extra shipping charges may apply and discounts are not given in such short notices). We need to be able to have time to set up merchant services, program equipment and ship it so you get it on time for your event. Reserving early allows you to have peace of mind knowing a unit is set aside for you. Keep in mind although we do have a good supply of equipment, we are almost always completely rented out on all weekends from March until November every year.

How long does the battery last?

Our equpiment runs up to 24 hrs on a single charge(depending on usage). It also can be used on its charging cradle as well if the need ever arises.

Do I need WIFI?

Our equipment uses WIFI OR 3g and 4g networks.

Do I need a merchant account?

One of the features that sets us apart from other rental programs is that you DON'T need an existing merchant account. We are able to set up a temporary merchant account so you don't have to worry about signing a two year contract or pay expensive cancellation fees. Please keep in mind, if you do have your own merchant account, we can use that. (but it’s not required) Please ask a representative for details.

Is there a security deposit required?

If it is your first time renting with us, we do require a security deposit for each unit rented. Once you have completed a successful rental with us, next time the security deposit requirement can be waived. (We also do require a credit card to be placed on file for security reasons)

How are the units shipped?

We ship UPS (United Parcel Service).

Can I take PIN-based debit?

Our rental program allows for you to accept PIN-based debit as a credit card sale. However, for speed of use, we recommend that you run them as credit cards. (much faster)

Is technical support available over the weekends?

We provide 24 hour support 7 days a week, included with all of our wireless rentals.

Can I rent a credit card machine longer than a month?

We can do longer rentals (month to month), each situation is different so give us a call for details